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Season 2 - OUT NOW!

Love. Death. Witches. Warhols. Ghosts. Laundry. Triplets.

Welcome to the unpredictable alternate reality of The Triplets Of Kings County.  It’s a highly visual slapstick adventure where three midwestern triplet transplants are perpetually perturbed by a cavalcade of mildly annoying supernatural beings. Together, Colin, Terry and Wolf, our identical eighteen-year-old triplet heroes, must solve the mystery of their parents murder, prevent the apocalypse and do all the chores. Fortunately, if anyone is equipped to clean up the mess they created it’s them? Sure! 


The show is a whirlwind of the mundane and spectacular, which can be enjoyed as a one-off or binged for those who need to know: “Are these orphan triplets’ dead parents really dead?” Each episode brings a new set of problems and plot lines for the Triplets, ranging from helping Landlord Jo evict an invasion of Andy Warhol clones - to beating Death at his own game (Twister™) - to reconnecting Terry with his son, vampire Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins, who Terry gave birth to through… uncomfortable means.

It’s his wiener. We’re talking about giving birth through his wiener.

Season 2 Episodes


The Creators

The series was created, written by and starring Michael Wolf, Colin O’Brien and Terence O’Brien. We’ve been writing and performing comedy in New York for the past five years including work for Comedy Central, MTV, Above Average, Just for Laughs Festival, a long running primetime sketch show at UCB, and more. Triplets combines their love of cinema, rapid fire jokes, and their overwhelming fear of monsters.


The Cast

The Triplets Of Kings County pulls in a rotating cast of some of New York City’s best comedic talent - Jo Firestone, Julio Torres, Jonathan Braylock, Dan Chamberlain, Lorelei Ramirez, Katie Hartman, Josh Sharp and Aaron Jackson and more - playing an unexpected array of surreal characters.

The world of The Triplets Of Kings County draws inspiration equally from Buster Keaton as from Tim and Eric; an absurd visual reference will be paired next to a simple gag. It strives to reach cinematic heights with incredible attention to detail, created with as much passion for stylized filmmaking as for crafting jokes. In the end, it’s a pressure cooker of absurdity and fun that can be enjoyed by everyone… also you get to see our bellies in it. Oh yeah, we wrote this. It’s us, the Triplets. Hi!